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Our partners

We choose to partner exclusively with businesses we believe in; firms whose ambitions, outlook and values align with our own.

Supporting Nonprofits

Brackendale has partnered with Epic Foundation, which provides funding and support to high-impact nonprofit organisations globally. 100% of donations received go to its portfolios of charities, which are hand-picked to offer donors a broad selection of worthy causes to support. Epic's charities are vetted, and donations closely reported on, to promote transparency and maximise impact.

Go to Epic Foundation website

Sustainability project

Brackendale has teamed up with registered charity World Land Trust (WLT) to help combat deforestation.  We have pledged to make a donation for a tree to be planted in tropical forests through WLT’s Plant a Tree programme every time we issue an invoice to one of our clients.  Our goal is to plant at least 200 trees in a 12-month period.

Go to World Land Trust website 

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Professional venue sourcing

Booker Venue works with Brackendale Consulting to source outstanding venues for private equity clients hosting press briefing days or investor events globally. Carina won’t cut corners in finding the perfect location to suit your needs and has an enviable contact network. 10% of company profits go to mental health charity Mind.

Go to Booker Venue website

Web Production Partnership

Depositado. is a creative strategy, design and development agency, specialising in web and mobile solutions. Based in the Netherlands, the company counts both small and large blue-chip companies amongst its global client base. Its work is seen and used by over a million people every day.

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Logo Depositado.
Logo Piranha Photography

Private equity photography

Piranha Photography specialises in creating professional corporate photography and video for private equity firms. The company has built up a loyal following of leading private equity firms which regularly use its services to provide technically skilled and creative photography.

Go to Piranha Photography website 

German-speaking PR expertise

VOCATO public relations is a Cologne-based agency focusing on professional communications work such as public relations, copywriting and placing of articles in German-speaking media outlets. The firm also advises on online and social media strategies, websites and event organisation.

Go to VOCATO public relations website

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