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Investor pitching

Brackendale offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions in both English and French, to provide senior partners or more junior investment team members with the essential skillset to engage and impress investor audiences.

Online LP pitch training

In response to popular demand, in 2020 Brackendale launched its online pitch LP pitch training offer. Public speaking is always a challenge, but presenting to an unseen audience using conferencing technology and from multiple locations can be especially daunting. Our coaching sessions are designed to help LPs become more comfortable "speaking into the void" by giving them the tools, such as vocal techniques, that help them deliver their messages in a clear and engaged manner.


What the sessions involve

We will begin by identifying perceived strengths, as well as weaknesses needing to be worked on, before carrying out a series of exercises designed to improve areas that require attention. This could involve defining key messages for fund managers who ramble, presenting without the deck for those who tend to read off the slides, speaking more slowly for those who gabble, or doing an ‘elevator pitch’ if the LP only has 10 minutes to spare.
We will also work on Q&A, carrying out role play exercises where we’ll assume the persona of a fictitious potential investor, asking some unexpected questions deliberately designed to faze. 


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