The Brackendale Private Equity Corporate Identity LP Sentiment Survey H2 2021

15 December 2021

Brackendale regularly works on website and branding projects for its GP clients, and Piranha Photography frequently receives interest from private equity funds wanting to updating their corporate images and videos. We wanted to explore what difference this attention to detail actually makes to an investor.

LPs surveyed hail from across Europe and the US, and comprise a mix of pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and fund-of-funds from our extensive contact network.

Questions in our survey were designed to find out to what extent a GP’s corporate identity, photography, branding and marketing materials matter to LPs if the fund manager is generating good returns.

The vast majority of LPs take a dim view of private equity funds which have shoddy marketing materials or corporate photos even if they have a strong track record. As one LP shrewdly points out; returns relate to the past, whereas lack of effort made on marketing smacks of incompetence or arrogance.



Brackendale Corporate Identity LP Survey H2 2021
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