Brackendale strengthens presence in German-speaking markets

24 October 2015

Brackendale Consulting Ltd, a private equity PR and marketing agency, has formed ties with German media relations specialist VOCATO public relations, to strengthen its presence in German-speaking regions.

The partnership will allow Brackendale to broaden its offering to give customers improved access to media outlets and target news agencies across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

VOCATO was established in Cologne in 1999 and has since built up a strong network of media contacts across the DACH region. The firm is specialised in selling financial and corporate news in the German language, as well as devising effective communications campaigns for companies in the financial, insurance and technology sectors.

Brackendale specialises in media relations and fundraising support, in addition to producing professional investor marketing materials and redesigning websites. It has a pan-European client base, which includes Munich and Luxembourg-based Cipio Partners and Benelux and DACH investor Gilde Buy Out Partners.

“Joining forces with VOCATO will mean Brackendale can offer new and existing clients extended media coverage in local German markets, as well as internationally,” says Fay Margo, founding CEO of Brackendale. “In turn, Brackendale will be on hand to service VOCATO’s German clients looking to expand their international reach.”

“With Brackendale we have a new PR partner in London who can support our clients with its extensive know-how in private equity and financial PR,” says Corinna Bause, a Managing Director at the agency. “In terms of PR and IR expertise we fit well together as VOCATO has always had a strong expertise in financial PR since we were set up.”

Since being founded in mid-2013, Brackendale has built up a solid client base including leading European private equity firms Cipio Partners, August Equity, Gilde Buy Out Partners, Activa Capital and Qualium Investissement.

VOCATO’s clients include Munich-based private equity fund Perusa, local Aachen-based investment group S-UBG, and the German offices of international financial advisory group Towers Watson.

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